Light Up Stripper Poles

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light up stripper poles
Grandmothers Swing on Stripper Poles for Exercise?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When 60-year-old Nancy Altman wanted to build strength and get rid of her aches and pains, she didn’t go the gym. She’s swinging her stuff at the Strip-2-Fit fitness studio, and she’s not alone.

It’s somewhere this Jacksonville grandmother says she never expected to be. “Never in my wildest dreams!”

The dancing and swinging has helped the ladies in her class – all over the age of forty – tone up and lose weight. 46-year-old M’Liss Stewart says she’s now twenty pounds lighter. “Things have toned and moved up and changed and I’m tickled with that mostly.”

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Question – What are your thoughts ?

Oh.. yeah great exercise for a girl. Could be painful for a guy though. Do you have to be licensed to be an instructor or do you just have to have experience. I’m thinking of a career change strip tease aerobics instructor sounds fun, but it could be kind of scary. Never mind it was just a passing thought, a very quick thought, and a good thing that one left the building. Ack!

40-46 person Party Bus with stripper poles, Dance Floor + Ba

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