Naked Pole Dance

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naked pole dance
Would you let your husband go to a strip club?

For his birthday all he said he wants to do is go out with his friends to a strip club. I told him i did not like the idea of him going. He said that there was nothing wrong with going to a strip club, that all the girls do is dance naked on a pole. He said if i waned to go to see guy strippers he would let me go, but honestly i would not want to go see other guys naked! Plus its his birthday, i would of thought he would want to do something together as a family with our son, but i guess he had different plans in mind…. It just makes me sad and mad at the same time that he would even want to see other girls naked. How would you deal with this problem if your husband wanted to go to a strip club?

Note: Most of his friends are single.

completely inappropriate for a married man with a family!
It shows disrespect and total disregard for your feelings.
Have him explain to your child where he wants to go on his birthday and for what purpose!
His running around with single guys should cease – he made a commitment – he is married with a family now – he needs to live up to his responsibilities as a man and husband!
You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

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