Pole Dancing Atlanta

Posted June 17th, 2009 by

pole dancing atlanta
I need great places in Atlanta or surrounding to have a bachelorette party!?

I am getting married in April. My MOH and I are working on this together, and we want to have the party the end of March.

We have 2 Ideas so far:
1. Toy Party at my place
2. Group pole dancing/strip tease classes

we want one or two more ideas to make an awesome bachelorette weekend.


-Go to the restaurant
-Play games like bingo and stuff

Have a girlie sleepover complete with mani and pedis, footbaths, facial masks, and consider hiring the groomsmen to come give massages for a while. Play Truth or Dare, cheesy board games like Mall Madness, and sip on fancy virgin martinis. You could do something like this in someone’s home, or consider renting a nice hotel room.

POLE DANCE ATLANTA- Advanced routine

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